2016 MEC Playoffs

One and Done.

The Manchester Crows stormed into Sheffield for the opening rounds of the 2016 BAFA MEC Playoffs…

…without their starting QB.

Manchester Crows 32 – 13 West Lothian Chargers

Backup QB Dave Underwood performed admirably in the spot start, his first since 2014, throwing 5 TDs to a myriad of WRs. The Chas rgers went toe to toe with The Crows for the first few possessions, their scrambling QB proving a mismatch for the Crow linebackers. After a host of defensive scheme changes at half time, the Ron Burgun-D were able to shut out the opposing offense and cruise to the team’s first playoff victory.

Manchester Crows 0 – 48 Grangemouth Broncos

The good fortune did not last long as Grangemouth were able to systematically pick apart The Crows defense, with the previously purring Maroon 5 were unable to get on the board.  QB Underwood gave way to WR James Durham at the playcalling position once the game was out of hand, but the disadvantage was too much to overcome.

The Crows exited the 2016 Playoffs with their heads held high, and plans for 2017.