2017 Playoffs – Review

The Dirty (Half) Dozen

“The best ability is availability”; a sentiment that rang true for The Crows as the now-6 man squad traveled north to Glasgow to participate in the 2017 BAFA Playoffs.

The playoff opponents, the HNC East champion Aberdeen Oilcats, led by GB receivers Gary Elliot and Callum Young,

No roster change was more evident than Phil Shanahan’s, as the longtime starting C instead lined up behind Center.  The de-facto 5th string QB ran into trouble early and often against the top ranked defense of the Aberdeen Oilcats, struggling to complete passes downfield.

A disallowed touchdown (for downfield blocking) and a pair of interceptions sealed The Crows’ fate before the 2nd half got going.

But as the 2 minute warning loomed nigh, the clouds cleared and the rain began to dry up, and The Crows began to revel in playing pressure free football.  Already defeated, the team banded together and enjoyed the remaining minutes of the 2017 season.

A career-first pick-6 in the closing minute by LB Nigel Li was celebrated for perhaps too long by the entire team, which prompted a final penalty from the BAFRA refs.

The Crows’ lone score in playoff defeat became the team’s mascot of 2017; and a constant reminder that finding fun and brotherhood in the most difficult of challenges, in what The Crows are all about.