Meet the Crows Monday

Defensive Back Dave Underwood

Welcome to Meet The Crows Monday – a weekly segment that brings the #CrowNation closer to the team.

The finale of our 2017 season interview series sees the #CrowNation being brought closer to one of the fathers of Flag Football in Manchester, Dave Underwood.  The Scottish import sat down our intrepid Crow reporter, and with the aid of an interpreter, brought us up to speed.

Name: Dave Underwood
Position: Defensive Back
Number: 28

How long have you been playing Flag Football?

14 years – I first started playing Flag at the age of 13 for the Moray Maniacs in 2003 and have loved the sport since then.

How did you come to join the Manchester Crows?

When I moved to Manchester in 2011 there wasn’t a flag team, I’d pestered the Titans a few times but they weren’t planning on setting up a team, so I began training with the Steel City Knights (Sheffield Giants). So with a little more poking at the Titans they decided to help me set up a group of players, who then decided to branch away from the Titans and The Crows were founded

If you weren’t playing Football, what sport would you be involved in?

Honestly I’m not a sporty guy, the NFL is all I have.  I do like E-sports and if Flag had never presented itself to me I’d probably be playing Call of Duty competitively.

I’ve won a couple of Guitar Hero tournaments in my time as well, with my crowing moment coming in 2009 when I beat a Japanese kid called Yoshi in a final!

What is your favourite pre-game meal?

You know I rarely eat much the morning before a game; maybe porridge or a banana.  I tend to eat a big meal the night before, usually a big baked potato or some form of pasta.

What is your favourite cookie?

Anyone who knows me knows I love biscuits!  And to pick a favourite cookie is just too hard when there are so many delicious flavours and combinations out there!

What is your favourite Manchester Crows photo?

This is the cookie question all over again!  How do I pick from array of fine quality photos?!


The most underrated Crow is…

James Durham – great on the field but underrated with the work he does on the playbooks and with game planning.

Nick Harris – again he plays hard on the field but his defensive planning takes a hell of a lot of effort

The funniest moment from last season was…

Anything Nigel was doing, most notably when he turned into a lead blocker for Nick Harris’ pick 6.

That did not best please our DC when the TD was brought back.

Which team(s) do you look forward to playing against?

I look forward to playing every team, be it the big powerhouse teams (Giants/Blackhawks), the banter-full teams (Vipers/Honey Badgers) or rival teams (Titans/Warhawks).

Though, I always look forward to playing brand new teams from different conferences or new teams jumping into the league.

Which Crow has the worst pre-game routine?

Nick claims he hasn’t taped his fingers in 2 years, but I swear to god that guy is the last one ready every game day!

An interesting fact about yourself?

I’ve recently been recording lets plays for an upcoming YouTube project I’m working on – I’m such a nerd huh?

My goal for this season is…

This season is a little different for me than most prior. The last few years I’ve always strived to help better the team and pass on my knowledge, but it’s gotten to the point where the guys are just too good now.

So my goal is to focus a lot more on my game, so I can help the team be better with what I have to offer.

Who is your NFL counterpart?

Probably someone like Julian Edelman I guess – skinny white guy who’s nippy and can throw if needs be.