Meet the Crows Monday

Linebacker Nigel Li

Today brings you the enigmatic Nigel Li. Nige terrorised quarterbacks during his rookie season and looks to kick on even further this season both as a defensive threat and a surprise offensive weapon.

Name: Nigel Li
Position: Linebacker
Number: 10

How long have you been playing Flag Football?
Since November 2015.

How did you come to join the Manchester Crows?
Through the GM, who I’ve known for some time.

If you weren’t playing Football, what sport would you be involved in?
Soccer (football) which I play regularly twice a week but doesn’t have the team spirit of the Crows!

What is your favourite pre-game meal?
My favourite pre game meal would be a banana if I’m being good. If it’s early morning then an Egg McMuffin

What is your favourite cookie?
Oatmeal Raisin. Delicious!

What is your favourite Manchester Crows photo?

The most underrated Crow is…
Nick Harris. D often gets overlooked against O. His coordination of the D had been exemplary.

The funniest moment from last season was…
When Rob shouted at Matty “to run forward you [expletive]!”

Which team(s) do you look forward to playing against?
Wigan Warhawks so we can light them up!

Which Crow has the worst pre-game routine?
Nick Harris for his toilet rituals!

An interesting fact about yourself?
I work in the nuclear industry as a safety consultant which always leads to people thinking I’m Homer Simpson. I’m not as he’s a Nuclear Safety Inspector.

My goal for this season is…
Make the offense team, score a few TDs and get more sacks/safeties than last season.

Who is your NFL counterpart?
James Harrison as he’s a beast despite his age. I aspire to be a beast like him one day!