Meet the Crows Monday

Wide Receiver David Skelhorn

Welcome to Meet The Crows Monday – a weekly segment that brings the #CrowNation closer to the team.

This week bring you the penultimate article in this series and the Crows very own 12th man – David Skelhorn (see squad number – no affiliation with the Seattle Seahawks). The man of few words lets all the talking be done on the field with him turning short catches into long gains and numerous touchdowns. The man known as “Skorn”‘s legandary status is cemented in folklore so much that he has a route named specifically after him and has recently patented a type of catch!

Name: David Skelhorn
Position: Wide Receiver
Number: 12

How long have you been playing Flag Football?

This is my third season playing flag football.

How did you come to join the Manchester Crows?

Rob Connor and I are both Green Bay Packer fans, he saw a tweet I sent to the UK Packers fan group on twitter and messaged me asking if I fancied playing. I went down to training the next Sunday morning and have loved it ever since.

If you weren’t playing Football, what sport would you be involved in?

I’ve never really stuck to playing any sport other than Flag Football. But, I’d have to say rugby; it’s something I’ve always enjoyed playing (and watching), and I definitely think its contributed to my ball catching skills.

What is your favourite pre-game meal?

It’s gotta be the classic porridge and syrup from McDonalds, its almost like a tradition amongst most of The Crows.

What is your favourite cookie?

I like a plain, boring digestive biscuit. I could easily polish off a  whole pack with a brew without even thinking about it!

What is your favourite Manchester Crows photo?
This photo sums up The Crows for me. The end of a long, wet day playing football and still smiling and joking around!

The most underrated Crow is…

This is a tough one but I’m going to have to say Rob Connor, he’s got height, speed and good hands. He plays on both sides of the ball terrorising QBs with his blitzing skills and is partial to the occasional long-bomb when he’s on Offence, you just know he’ll catch it!

The funniest moment from last season was…

It’s gotta be Nigel cancelling out Nick’s pick 6 scores and not only on one occasion! Always makes me laugh thinking about it.

Which team(s) do you look forward to playing against?

Every team has their own challenge which makes them enjoyable to play against, but I love playing against our city rivals, Manchester Titans, always a close, competitive game with neither team wanting to lose.

Which Crow has the worst pre-game routine?

Ronan, its maybe not the worst, but its the one I’m most jealous of. He rocks up, does a two minute warm-up then he’s good to go straight into a game.

An interesting fact about yourself?

I met my girlfriend, Jennie, 4000 miles away whilst watching the Packers at Lambeau Field!

My goal for this season is…

To actually play a game and contribute to The Crows season! I had a pretty bad hand injury which required surgery to reconnect some tendons/nerves a few months ago, so I’m getting back in shape and rehabbing my hand. When we get to the playoffs I’ll be back!

Who is your NFL counterpart?

I’d say my NFL counterpart would be Randall Cobb. Throw me a short/fast/difficult ball and I’ll catch it and get you some yards! Might not do the spectacular stuff too often but will keep you moving down the field. (Also, gets an injury every year which makes us miss a game or two!!)