Meet The Crows Monday

Quarterback Talha Javed

Welcome to Meet The Crows Monday – a weekly segment that brings the #CrowNation closer to the team.

It’s only right that we kick off the first set of Player Interviews with the leader of the team, quarterback Talha Javed.  2017 will be Talha’s 3rd year as starting quarterback for The Crows, having won the position our inaugural year.

Talha threw 88 touchdowns over 16 games in 2016.

Talha Javed
Name:  Talha Javed
Position:  Quarterback
Number:  7

How long have you been playing Flag Football?
2 years.

How did you come to join the Manchester Crows?
I was at work and got into a lift with Phil Shanahan who was rocking some sweet Pittsburgh Steelers gloves. I made a remark about them and we got talking. I was invited to come down to pre-season training and 3 months later I was a Crow.

If you weren’t playing Football, what sport would you be involved in?
Soaccer, nothing competitive… or, I would commit myself to the iron.

What is your favourite pre-game meal?
Porridge, Chopped Banana, Crunchy Peanut Butter and Nutella.

What is your favourite cookie?
I do enjoy a white chocolate and raspberry cookie.

What is your favourite Manchester Crows photo?

The most underrated Crow is…
Center Jake Blair AKA “The Mute Brute” AKA “One Glove”. Makes really good one-on-one tackles in games and I’ve seen him improve massively over my 2 seasons.

The funniest moment from last season was…
Can’t beat Linebacker Nigel Li cancelling out Safety Nick Harris’s 3 pick-sixes by inadvertently becoming a downfield blocker!

Which team(s) do you look forward to playing against?
I enjoy playing the Mansfield Honey Badgers. They’re a fun bunch who are really talented, and the game is always tight.

The Giants are another team who play at a very high level and are great competitors.

Which Crow has the worst pre-game routine?
Is this question so that the entire team calls out Nick (Harris)?

An interesting fact about yourself?
I’m massively allergic to cats but my younger sister continues to make our home into an unofficial cat rescue.

My goal for this season is…
…to play loose and be aggressive throwing the ball – which should remove some of the second-guessing that can play into tight games.

Who is your NFL counterpart?
I have been told I possess the sideline-to-sideline speed of a young Luke Kuechly.