Manchester Crows 2.0

Refreshed for 2017

The Manchester Crows unveiled the next evolution of their brand identity today, introducing the Crow Nation to the modernized and more dynamic “Crow” logo and brand.

The Manchester Crows are one of the most recognisable brands in the BAFA Flag League, and these upgrades reinforce a dedication to engaging with audiences both digitally and on the field.  The changes to the design personify the Team’s aspirations of continuous improvement across all areas of the Club.

Manchester Crows GM Phil Shanahan said;

It’s an evolution of the team brand.  The result of a comprehensive design process, it pays homage to our origins with some familiar elements whilst injecting the brand with a more dynamic and exciting energy.

It’s a simple and clean design, but one that looks aggressive and kinetic.


The new logo was developed in partnership with Midnight 7 Design.