Playoff Scenarios – Week Eight

Just win baby, win.

With the Manchester Crows nearing the end of the regular season the mist and fog of the playoff picture is starting to clear.  Whilst mathematically impossible for The Crows to snatch the No.1 Overall Seed and secure Home Field Advantage, all the other playoffs spots remain in sight.

Listed below are some scenarios, based on the remaining Week 8 and 9 fixtures, that would see The Crows take the top 3 possible Seeds, and a 4th scenario that would see them out of the Playoffs altogether.

Scenario 1: Division Champions and 1st Round Bye

Currently the most difficult scenario for The Crows as they don’t hold all the cards. Praying for a miracle as they need both the top teams from the MEC North and South to fall at the last hurdle.

What’s Needed

+ Crows win the remaining 5 games
+ Sheffield Predators lose 3 of their remaining 5 games
+ Newcastle Blackhawks lose 2 of their remaining 4 games
If all the cards fall into place The Crows will jump past the Predators in the MEC South and have a better record than the Blackhawks in the MEC North

Scenario 2: #2 Seed in the MEC

Once again The Crows do not hold all the cards in this scenario, though it is a lot more attainable with the help of some teams claiming upset wins over the next two weeks.

What’s Needed

+ Crows win the remaining 5 games
+ Sheffield Predators to lose 3 of their remaining 5 games

This scenario would see the crows jump past the Predators to win the MEC south but assuming in this scenario the Blackhawks win their remaining 4 games it wouldn’t see the crows having the better record between both divisional winners.

Scenario 3: #3 Seed in the MEC

The Crows are currently sitting #3 with a mere fraction of a percentage win ratio over the Mansfield Honeybadgers.

What’s Needed

+ Crows win the remaining 5 games

It is worth noting that if The Crows lose any of their remaining 5 games they would need the Mansfield Honeybadgers to lose or draw any of their remaining 4 games to clinch the #3 Seed.

Scenario 4: Fail to get a playoff spot

This is the least likely of the scenarios, but with BAFA introducing a 3 team progression to the playoffs from each division, as opposed to the previous 2 team, it is mathematically possible for The Crows not to qualify.
Currently there are four teams in the hunt for playoff spots in the MEC South; Predators, Manchester Crows, Honeybadgers, and the Manchester Titans.

What’s Needed

+ Crows lose the remaining 5 games

+ Titans win 3 of their remaining 5 games

It’s worth noting that whilst The Crows currently sit ahead of the Honeybadgers on win percentage, they have played one game less than them.  If both The Crows and Honeybadgers lost all of their remaining fixtures, Mansfield wouldn’t need a win to surpass The Crows.

As you can see, the importance of this weekend’s matchups cannot be understated!  Join The Crows’ social media pages on Saturday to keep up with the latest news, scores, and playoff implications.