A photo of Talha Javed

#7 Talha Javed

Position QB
Age 29
A photo of Nigel Li

#10 Nigel Li

Position LB
Age 34
A photo of David Skelhorn

#12 David Skelhorn

Position WR
Age 33
A photo of Zalan Toth

#13 Zalan Toth

Position LB
Age 27
A photo of Matt Wilkinson

#14 Matt Wilkinson

Position S, WR
Age 28
A photo of Craig Armitage

#17 Craig Armitage

Position WR
Age 51
A photo of Gregory Hollin

#21 Gregory Hollin

Position WR
Age 33
A photo of Ronan McAleenan

#22 Ronan McAleenan

Position CB
Age 29
A photo of Nick Harris

#23 Nick Harris

Position CB
Age 41
A photo of Jake Blair

#25 Jake Blair

Position CB
Age 22
A photo of Dave Underwood

#28 Dave Underwood

Position CB
Age 30
A photo of Rob Connor

#81 Rob Connor

Position LB, WR
Age 37
A photo of James Durham

#84 James Durham

Position WR
Age 27
A photo of Phil Shanahan

#87 Phil Shanahan

Position C
Age 32

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