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"Super Bowl Monday", The BBC, and Early 2017 Preparations

Photo by James Brewerton

The Monday after the Super Bowl – also known as the most depressing day of the year for any American Football fan, has finally arrived after 22 short weeks looming over our shoulders.  Gone are the Monday-morning-tired-eyes, the cranky-Friday-morning-attitude (partly due to the quality of TNF), gone is the block booking of your Sunday evenings.  We’ll miss it too.


Fret not.  Because although September 7th 2017 sounds like an unimaginable amount of time away, the Manchester Crows are here to help.  For during that 213 day period there is an entire season and postseason of BAFA Flag to enjoy!

So let’s look ahead Crow Nation – we’re in this together after all.

Super Bowl LI

(Disclaimer: Crows LB Nigel Li was not involved in the Super Bowl, despite lending his surname to the event – please do not contact him to complain about Tom Brady or the Falcons choking loss)

The New England Patriots orchestrated an epic come from behind victory last night, beating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in OT.  Though on paper this year’s Super Bowl was a middling prospect, the game (and that Gaga HT show) ending up being one of the most entertaining season finales of all time.

The New England Patriots (somehow) won their 5th Super Bowl, tying the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49’ers for the 2nd most Lombardi trophies, behind the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 6.  Brady himself perhaps solidified himself as the greatest QB of all time.

This was the 2nd year running that The Crows’ Super Bowl Party doubled as The Crows Fantasy Football Finale – a night of both jubilance and playful humiliation.  Jubliance for one player as the winner’s trophy was presented – playful humiliation for others as all Fantasy Football bets were honoured.

The night was a mixed bag for GM Phil Shanahan however, as despite winning The Crows Fantasy League and receiving his trophy, his forfeit for an earlier loss had to paid in full;

The GM also owes CB Ronan McAleenan 4 sandwiches of his choosing.

The BBC – Get Inspired

The Crows are happy to announce that we have become a “Get Inspired Partner” of the BBC.  

The new “Get Inspired Activity Finder” tool on the BBC website encourages people to “Get Inspired, Get Involved, and Get Active” with sport in the community.  All of The Crows’s training events and games will be featured on the initiative, furthering our goal of becoming the North West’s premier Flag Football team.

Get Inspired is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness activities that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

2017 Fixture List

The 2017 BAFA Season Fixtures List is now live on our Home Page.

2017 Content Preview

We’re taking a much more regimented approach to our website this year to ensure a consistent and high level of content is delivered to the #CrowNation.  We have expanded our reporting and editorial teams as well, increasing our ability to bring you the latest news, previews, and reviews throughout the season.

With that said, look out for the following content over the next few months;

Meet the Crows Monday
A weekly segment where, shock, you get to meet the players.

Offseason Review
Coming early March, a comprehensive breakdown of our exciting offseason activities and participation in the OFL and Jacksonville Jaguars tournament.

2017 BAFA Season Preview
What are the stories coming into the 2017 season?  How will the division realignments effect the season?  Answered in the Season Preview, due late March.

All of this in addition to our usual Game Day Previews and Game Day Reviews, where we break down the history of the matchups and then report on the scores and statistics from the day itself.

Remember to keep engaged with the Manchester Crows through any (or all) of our social media sites – if that isn’t your thing, feel free to shoot us an email instead.

Still not your thing?  Pass your message along to a Crow in a local park (it’ll get to us eventually).

Basically, there’s a whole host of stuff to look forward to this year.  213 days probably isn’t long enough.