Week Five Roundup and Week Six BYE

The Rochdale Vipers?

Week 5 Review

Manchester Crows 32 – 32 Sheffield Vipers

Magnets, Black Holes, Jay Z’s monogamy.  There are some things that science just cannot explain, no matter how hard it tries – a draw between The Crows and the Vipers this past weekend can be added to that list.

Despite QB Tal Javed throwing 5 TDs on the day; 2 to WR James Durham, 2 to C Phil Shanahan, and 1 to WR Matt Wilkinson, The Crows were unable to mount a lead for any significant portion of the game.  For the first time all season the Ron Burgun-D were unable to log any defensive statistics for the game, a testament to the cautious and cerebral Vipers offense.

As both squads fight for the playoffs in their respective divisions, this blemish could come back to hurt both teams down the stretch.

Manchester Crows 46 – 20 Beeston Bears

The Crows got back on track after their disappointing Sheffield outing with a decisive win over the Bears.  QB Tal threw a further 5 TDs, targeting Durham, Wilkinson and Shanahan, whilst WR Rob Connor was able to find the end zone on the end of a Javed pass, and another from relief QB/WR James Durham.

Picks from LB Dave Underwood and S Nick Harris sealed the victory, whilst a Pick 6 from QB/S Tal put an emphatic stamp on the day.

Week 6 Preview

The Doncaster Mustangs having forfeited two game days have now been removed from the league by BAFA’s top brass.  Whilst losing the second conference team affects all MEC teams, the impact on The Crows season is negligible.

The Crows second matchup against the Manchester Titans will now take place in Week 8, whilst the second Beeston Bears matchup has been moved back to Week 7 (following Woodham’s departure).

The Manchester Crows will now enjoy a Week 6 BYE.