Week Three Roundup and Week Four Preview

When you play the Game of Crows, you forfeit or you lose.

Photo by James Brewerton

The Doncaster Mustangs were the first recepients of Pulling the Flag’s Chicken of Shame for 2016, having to bow out of their Week Three matchups against the Manchester Crows and the Beeston Bears.

Week Three Review

Manchester Crows 44 – 18 Cheshire Cavaliers

Though the Cavaliers will enter Week Four in search of their first victory, scoring 18 points against an engulfing Crows defence bodes well for the rest of their season.

Manchester Crows 1 – 0 Doncaster Mustangs

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Doncaster Mustangs were forced to forfeit the game to the Manchester Crows. Baring any setbacks, the return game is scheduled for June 18th in Crewe.

Manchester Crows 30 – 34 Mansfield Honey Badgers

A slew of missed PATs cost The Crows a win against their heated rivals Mansfield.

Week Four Preview

Manchester Titans 2 – 0 – 0

Derby rivals Manchester Titans have enjoyed a blistering start to the season, with Texan WR Danny Caballero recording 11 touchdowns on the way to besting the Beeston Bears and Cheshire Cavaliers.  Before their Week 2 and 3 byes, the Manchester Titans were joint 1st place in the MEC South with the Sheffield Predators.  With early playoff positions on the line, The Crows will need to halt the momentum of their neighbours and prove that they are the Manchester team to beat.

Mansfield Honey Badgers 5 – 1 – 0

The Crows will look to split the 2016 series with the Honey Badgers after their bitter defeat in Week 3.  With Mansfield taking an early lead in the season standings, the Crows will need to rely on their defenders generating pressure on the highly efficient Honey Badger offense.